Children's Afterschool and Weekend Programs and Classes

There’s a program to tend to absolutely any interest, from academics and the performing arts to technology, prehistoric knowledge and sports. Nurture children’s love for theater with acting and dance programs, singing and music lessons, comedy workshops and drama activities. Spark children’s creativity with art programs, cooking classes and pottery classes. Enhance athletic skills with every type of sports program imaginable, from baseball and softball to basketball and soccer. Of course kids enthusiastic about gymnastics, tennis, swimming, ice skating and hockey can find a fabulous program, too. Deepen children’s understanding of dinosaurs and artifacts with a museum or specialized program. Build the mind-body connection with yoga, karate and martial arts. Let kids enjoy adventures after the school day ends with programs involving rock climbing, spelunking and outdoor skills. For babies and young children, there are programs like Mommy & Me, group exercise classes and musical activities that encourage interaction with a parent or caregiver. For those desiring religious programs, there are classes at Hebrew schools, churches and other places of worship. A sampling of the language offerings open to kids include programs involving Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. The language-based and academic programs develop children’s brains, as do the science and robotics workshops, which truly allow kids' minds to soar.