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Green Monster

Busy on the go? Never fear; you can still have your nutrition and sip it, too! When there’s no time for a balanced breakfast in the morning, just whip up this quick and easy nutrient-rich smoothie for a twist on the old bacon and egg staple. Some things to keep in mind regarding the ingredients: For uber-fresh taste, you can use freshly “juiced” apples or pineapples if you have the time to juice them, otherwise pre-made juice is fine. Frozen bananas make the smoothie more whipped and fluffy, taking the place of crushed ice or ice cream with less calories and fat. When first starting out with a green smoothie, you can substitute other greens if desired, such as romaine for a milder green taste. Pre-grind flax in a mini coffee grinder that’s not used with coffee.


1 c. apple or pineapple juice
1 frozen banana, broken in half
1 heaping Tbs. powdered greens or 2-3 kale leaves
1 heaping Tbs. ground flax
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 Tbs. essential fatty acid oil, such as flax oil


Combine in a high speed blender. Begin blending on low for 5 seconds and gradually increase speed to high until fully blended for an additional 5 seconds. Immediately remove from blender, pour in glasses and serve.