According to statistics on the Facebook Web site, which boasts more than 200 million active users (100 million of whom log on at least once a day, the fastest demographic for the social networking site are people ages 35 and older. Do you think parents should be posting comments, videos and photos of their children on such social networking sites? After all, more than 850 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each month!

Of course, my Facebook page is dedicated to my children. 9.09%
No way! Posting photos is like inviting strangers (and potential pedophiles) to look at children. 22.73%
I think posting photos without children’s names and addresses is fine. This way, online predators are likely to stay away, but family and friends can enjoy "seeing" the kids online. 59.09%
What is Facebook? Who has time to go on these sites? 4.55%
My children have their own profile pages. Between Facebook and MySpace, Twitter and Texting, technology rules their lives more than a parent today ever could. 4.55%