Of the millions of children who have seen their parents divorce, one of every ten live through at least three parental marriage breakups, according to Maggie Gallagher’s book The Abolition of Marriage (Regnery Publishing, Inc.). And studies show that kids of divorced homes are at a greater risk than children of married parents to experience asthma, headaches, injuries and speech defects. Should divorce laws be more stringent in the United States?

No, if parents in a troubled marriage are forced to stay together, it does more harm than good. 23.81%
Unsure, but the marriage laws should be stricter. Maybe people considering marriage should have to take a compatibility test. 42.86%
Yes, and divorce laws should be the same no matter what state a person lives in.  19.05%
No. I know plenty of people who were raised in divorced homes, and they turned out just fine. 14.29%