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Letter from the Editor September 2013

Rachel Kalina

By now, you’ve likely had a bittersweet goodbye at the bus stop, and you might even have a back-to-school night penciled in your calendar. As every surface in your abode becomes piled high with homework papers, keep PARENTGUIDE News handy to help you make the most of the semesters ahead.

Starting at day one in the classroom, teachers are already preparing students for important tests. This can spur stress for many youngsters and result in poor performance on exams. Learn how to address these issues with Kumar Sathy’s “Easing Quiz Qualms.” Some children may also be wary of returning to school because they have experienced bullying. In “Social Aggression,” author Ted Zeff, Ph.D., pinpoints six warning signs of which parents should be aware so that they may intervene.

Despite the challenges this time of year may bring, there are plenty of positive and healthy experiences abounding for children. Flip to our Education Directory for tons of area programs and schools that offer enriching activities. And our Back-to-School Photo Contest offers the chance to win school supplies to additionally boost your student’s academic adventures. Even more prizes, including tickets to spectacular shows, and ways to win may be found at the PARENTGUIDE News Facebook page.

Do you ever wonder about your family’s dietary choices? A special two-part series, “Nutrition Q & A with Stacey Antine, M.S., R.D.,” answers reader questions on topics ranging from the frozen yogurt craze to eating organic on a budget. And are you looking to connect with other parents who really “get it?” Check out our fun and lively blog, The Sandbox Social, and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

Enjoy the issue,

Rachel Kalina