Letter from the Editor September 2012

Kayla Mossien

Whether you’re the parent of a newborn, have a young child starting kindergarten or care for a student with disabilities, you’ll find we have you covered. In this issue, learn how to enhance your youngster’s studies as well as his passion for exploring and understanding the world around him.

Speaking of exploring, check out “Geocaching” by Kim Seidel. The author provides readers with an overview of this popular family pastime. Perfect for autumn weather, the modern-day scavenger hunt uses GPS-enabled technology to guide participants to a set of coordinates. What’s more are the hidden containers with trinkets to be discovered. People from all over the country have been partaking in the adventure. Read on to find out why you should be, too. Hint: You’ll finish your excursion with a sense of accomplishment.

On the matter of furthering your child’s achievements, check out “Success at School” by Asa Zanatta. The article discusses how vital the k-3 years are, as well as the essential skills students need for a promising future. As learning isn’t always done in the classroom, Zanatta also helps parents implement afterschool lessons by combining academia with interactive daily activities. According to researchers, “[I]t is parental involvement in a child’s academic life that really affect a student’s performance.” Also peruse the feature’s sidebar, “Tips for Online Education Navigation,” for pointers on how to find effective learning resources on the web.

And since parents are their children’s first teachers, mom and dad have an overwhelming responsibility to instill proper eating habits in their kin. We’re not just talking apple slices over French fries. Flip to “Youth and Eating Disorders” by Patricia Kochel to understand how your eating habits are affecting your child’s ideology about body image and diet. Short of developing healthy attitudes about nutrition and exercise, the article offers points on inculcating a sound mindset when it comes to eating. For example, caretakers should refrain from yo-yo dieting and complaining about weight in front of kids.

What else does the issue bring? If you’re familiar with PARENTGUIDE News, you know the resources in our trusted Education Directory will guide you in the upcoming months. Peruse your area’s brightest schools, programs, special needs services and family experts.

And be sure to check out our exciting Strut Your Stuff Contest! Remember, while having talent certainly helps, this contest is all about having fun.

As always, stay happy and healthy.

Kayla Mossien