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September 2012 Issue

Cover credit: The Children's Place

Letter from the Editor

Education Coverage

Success at School
How the K-3 years affect academic achievement.

Education Directory
Leading schools, programs and resources near you.

Health & Fitness

Youth and Eating Disorders
Instilling a positive attitude toward food.

Physical Exams
Graduate to a better back-to-school checkup.

Special Needs

Special Needs and Health & Fitness Directory
Experts and services catering to family wellness and special needs.

Hidden Disabilities
Teaching compassion for those who are different.


Tough Times
Making the most of a financial setback.

A modern-day treasure hunt.

I Love You, Nana
Nurturing the grandparent-child relationship.


Birthday Blowout Contest

Back-to-School Photo Contest


Beware of the Frenemy
Recognizing and dealing with the unfriendly.

Feeling Good, Looking Good
Items to make your personal style extra chic.


Don't Miss
This month's entertainment, contests and activities.

Insight and items for your family’s care.

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Essential products and information for your clan.


What's Happening
A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood's classes, performances and events.