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Letter from the Editor October 2013

Rachel Kalina

Each year, October brings a certain kind of excitement that I find hard to contain. After all, there are pumpkins to be picked, cider drinks to be sipped, leaves to crunch, costumes to don, and best of all, tons of fall festivities to attend! The What’s Happening and Don’t Miss sections in this issue ensure you’ll have a full calendar of local events to check out. Snap some pics while your family is out and about, and submit them to our Fall into Autumn Photo Contest for a chance to win great prizes.

In between attending Halloween parties, you may find yourself also having to plan a fete. Discover the latest and greatest in party entertainers, venues, and services in our jam-packed Birthday Directory. PARENTGUIDE News wants to make your next celebration a smashing success! With “Birthday on a Budget” by Kelsey Layer, you’ll not only be able to plan a memorable gathering, but you’ll also gain ideas on how to pull it off responsibly.

As seasons transition and the year winds down, perhaps you’re looking forward to new beginnings and to expand your family. “Increase Fertility” by Victoria Maizes, M.D., offers expert insight and advice on fostering positive conditions for conception. Learn how environmental and other factors may affect your chances of getting pregnant and what you can do to put the odds in your favor.

For parents with children who may be having trouble hitting developmental milestones, turn to “Sensory Processing Disorders” by Louise Weadock, and learn about disruptions of the senses that could be at play. Weadock expands on the different types of sensory disorders and how you can help your child with them.

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Have a wonderful autumn,

Rachel Kalina