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Letter from the Editor November 2014

Rachel Kalina

I'm extremely thankful every day for my amazing family, wonderful friends, loving home, and a curious nature that has led to an exciting career and multiple hobbies. I'm so, so grateful to celebrate and ruminate on all these life facets during November in particular. Thanksgiving presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on what matters most.

This month, if you're planning not only holiday festivities, but also a birthday party, turn to our Birthday Directory. Inside, you'll find all sorts of party venues to fit every child's personality, entertainers that wow, and services to help make throwing an event as easy as possible. For additional ideas, check out "3-Step Party Plan" by Lisa Paul Heydet, who instructs how to pull together a fabulous fete without tons of hassle.

Maybe your family wants a change of scenery as the cold weather sets in. Use your upcoming time off from school and work this month or next to take an exciting adventure to Hawaii! Kara Mayer Robinson, mom and travel expert, covers all the bases when it comes to lodging, dining, and having fun in "Marvelous Maui." Find additional tips if you'll be taking a trip with a child who has special needs in "Autism and Travel." The piece by Monica Holloway provides great insight to make your journey a success.

Get ahead on your holiday shopping by checking out November's "Gift Guide" by Associate Editor Samantha Chan. Samantha's packed it with plenty of options for the moms, dads, and friends in your life. Plus, in between family time, discover the latest giveaways, contests, and blog posts at www.parentguidenews.com.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel Kalina