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Letter from the Editor March 2015

Rachel Kalina

After a long winter, the arrival of spring is a welcome event. At PARENTGUIDE News, we're thinking warm thoughts indeed! Spring ahead with us as we begin to plan for the summer months that bring with them all manner of exciting programs and activities.

Start with "Is Your Child Ready for Camp?" by Jess Michaels, and you'll learn exactly which questions are vital for your family to consider when determining how to spend the summer. Plus, our Camp Directory can point you in a plethora of adventurous directions when it comes to day camps, sleepaway camps, and summer programs. Then, turn to "Spring Style" by Associate Editor Samantha Chan to give your child's wardrobe a revamp. The vibrant article offers adorable clothing choices and collections for your fashion-forward cutie. Additionally, be sure to enter the Eyes of March Photo Contest for the chance to win a toy that acts as both a bike and a scooter and grows with your child.

The March issue also offers the informative health and special needs features readers have come to expect from PARENTGUIDE News. Did you know that adults aren't the only ones who suffer from arthritis? "Kids Get Arthritis, Too" by Ingrid Montecino explains the signs, symptoms, treatments, and resources available to children who experience juvenile arthritis. Louise Weadock's "Therapy 101" cuts through the confusion of what it means when your child needs either physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Weadock breaks down the different therapy types available and how they may help certain conditions.

To expend energy as your family trades cabin for spring fever, check out the fun ongoings in the Calendar of Events. And remember, The Sandbox Social blog is mobile friendly. You can virtually tag along on adventures with mom Merrie and her tiny tots as they traipse everywhere from Manhattan food trucks to Westchester farms. Let us know in the blog's comments section or on our Facebook page which kid-friendly places you're exploring, too!

Have a wonderful start to spring,

Rachel Kalina