Letter from the Editor March 2011

Jenna Hammond

Say goodbye to one of the snowiest winters on record. Spring is on the horizon! In honor of the seasonal shift, this issue's articles brim with pointers on enjoying the next few months to the fullest.

While Michelle Obama marches on to get our children eating better, the food we consume is continuing to wreak havoc on our waistlines and overall health. Fortunately, March brings an ideal time to make nutrition a priority: It's National Nutrition Month. Pledge to resist processed food in favor of fresh fare. Help change the forecast to prevent today's youth from becoming the first generation to perish before their parents. Your family is depending on you to set a good example. Start with what you're serving your kids when school ends today.

To assist you in the kitchen, put "What a Pretty Plate" on the fridge. The quick read by registered dietitian Laura Gibofsky highlights this year's theme for Nutrition Month: Eat Right with Color. Discover how to turn snacks into mini meals bursting with color and nutrients. Even pizza can be healthy, Gibofsky reveals, by using wholesome ingredients like whole-wheat tortillas or pitas topped by tomato sauce and vibrant vegetables. After reading the article, maybe you'll be inspired to hit the farmers' market with your kids to handpick a rainbow of fruits and veggies to prepare in more creative ways than you can count.

And because you are what you eat, why not dress the part? Take direction in outfitting your kids in the brightest seasonal duds by flipping to "Trendy Tots." Our style maven, associate editor Kayla Mossien, has done it again, filling the spring fashion spread with the coolest clothes on the racks modeled by adorable kids who love to wear them. From reds and pinks to purples and blues, the colors on the pages pop, and the cuts and designs will keep your babes comfortable and content through summer.

Oops, I uttered the word. It's not the official first day of spring until toward the end of the month, but families are already buzzing about summer. Nip spring fever in the bud by reading "School Assignments" by Ana Homayoun, author of That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week (Pedigree Trade). Especially in this techie age, the article assists parents in shifting their kids' attention from Facebook to homework, better equipping kids to keep track of projects, test dates and extracurricular activities during the school year.

Since I breached the subject of summer though, get set for the hot season with "Camp Conversation Starters" by camp director Jamie Sirkin. The article enumerates key topics to address with camp staff to ensure your children have a safe and rewarding summer in line with your budget. From enrollment options and program quality, to friends and fun, Sirkin's discussion points have you covered to confirm that your children's summer home is nothing short of spectacular.

Follow up the article with our annual Camp Directory, which describes leading camps and summer programs in the northeast. The only difficult task remaining might be deciding where among the incredible options to enroll. With Sirkin's insight, however, I'm confident you'll have a spring awakening and choose wisely.

Enjoy the issue.

Jenna Hammond