Letter from the Editor March 2010

Jenna Hammond

Before all the sibling rivalries, even before the firstborn is conceived, parents have billions of questions, from how to get pregnant efficiently to how to prepare for baby. And it seems with each dawning day, new questions arise: Can I eat that while pregnant? Is that cry colic? How can we eventually pay for college?!

Finally, there's a medium to pose the myriad mysteries surrounding child-rearing at www.parentguidenews.com/Forums. Head to the Web address to ask questions, post comments and get answers and advice from other parents around the clock. Too embarrassed to ask your best friend if you're to blame for your daughter's feeding problems or shyness? Register online to explain the situation on the message board. There's no need to give your actual name. And it might do wonders to hear how other people's experiences compare. Wish you could tell your mother-in-law what you truly think of her babysitting skills, especially when she insists on spoiling your son who now has every Spongebob accessory known to man? Rant away on the message board. You might find comfort in sharing your angst. You might even give grandparents on the site a hint before they take Tommy to the toy store for the umpteenth time this month.

Of course, there's the flip side of dealing with grandparents, namely when mom or dad requires extra devotion and a helping hand. Flip to "Caring for Your Parents" to determine if the loved ones in your life might need home care or a change of residence. Patricia Drea, chief operating officer for a senior in-home care company, sheds wisdom on the signs that grandparents require special attention, and how to approach the issue with your parents or in-laws. We invite you to discuss this topic on the online message board. But it's probably wise to hear what an expert says about ensuring the safety and well-being of our parentsó even if they continue to insist that spoiling equals superior grandparenting.

Mesmerized by how independent your kids are becoming? Maybe sending them to camp to foster this growth is a smart move. It may not seem like spring comes this month, however, "The Camp Bus is Around the Corner" according to camping authority Faye Sager. Discover the ins and outs of selecting the best camps for your kids by reading her article that's packed with pointers not only to confirm a camp matches your parenting style, but also to alleviate any pre-camp jittersó for both you and your aspiring camper.

And if you're content to bask in the spring season rather than consider summer just yet, turn first to our bi-annual fashion spread. Compiled by our favorite fashionista, associate editor Kayla Mossien, "The Spring Lineup" spotlights adorable looks and dependable children's fashion houses for suiting up your clan in the coolest threads this season. After all, if Tommy is going to tote the latest Spongebob toys, he might as well look good carrying them.

Enjoy the issue.

Jenna Hammond