Letter from the Editor June 2012

Kayla Mossien

When I was a little girl, my grandfather would constantly pinch my cheeks and make them all red. Although I never expressed my feelings, his playful attempt at affection often irked me. And, now I know why. My grandfather was invading my personal space.

The issue of boundaries is actually a commonly overlooked one, yet kids deal with it constantly. To learn more on the matter, flip to “You’re in My Space Bubble” by Dr. Maria Salvanto, Ph.D. The article presents easy-to-implement tips on how to teach tykes about personal space as well as ways they can effectively express their feelings about the subject.

And from granddad to dad, the time has come to celebrate Father’s Day! This month, we honor the incredible job dads and stepdads are doing at raising tomorrow’s leaders, teachers, artists and, of course, future parents. Although the role of father has greatly evolved through the years, there’s always room for improvement. Take a gander at “The Father-Child Connection” by Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT, to deepen your relationship with your kids. Whether the primary caregiver or breadwinner, the man of the house can be his best with Schneider’s advice.

And for an exciting way to spend quality time with the family, plan a summer road trip. But before you fuel up and jet off, turn to “Happy Trails” written by Sarah Tilton, a child passenger safety advocate with Britax Child Safety, Inc. Her words clear up confusion about proper seating positions based on passengers’ ages, which toys and trinkets could be hazardous, whether a technician should inspect your child’s car seat and other important factors for the road. With Tilton’s expertise in tow, you can ensure a safe and fun-filled journey.

No matter where you venture this month, capture the moments with snapshots and save them for years to come. Why not share them on our Facebook wall or enter them in this month’s Me and My Daddy Photo Contest for a chance at great prizes?

As always, stay happy and healthy!

Kayla Mossien