Letter from the Editor June 2010

Jenna Hammond

The sunny season is finally here! Some of you have probably already been to the beach or at least enjoyed the unseasonably high temperatures in April and May. Do you have a tan to show for it? Hopefully you have been taking precautions to keep you and your brood burn-free. For insight on protection for wherever the sunny days ahead take you all, flip to "Sun Safety." Written by Dr. JJ Levenstein, M.D., FAAP, the article elaborates on eight great tips to keep the clan's skin in tip-top shape. Discover when and how to apply sunscreen on your children and what clothing offers extra sun protection. Also glean advice on modeling smart skincare and getting your kids in the habit of blocking out rays when you're not around. As the article reveals, "it only takes one blistering sunburn from unprotected sun exposure as a child to possibly double the risk of melanoma later in life, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation." Make a pledge to make this summer the season to shield your family from harmful rays.

For some fun stuff, consider the special occasions and parties around the corner. Father's Day comes just before the official start of summer. How do you plan to celebrate? For festive ideas, turn to "The Ultimate Dad Checklist." Penned by Greg Bishop, the founder of Boot Camp for New Dads, the article throws out suggestions for sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and foodies. And if dad's million dollar baby isn't ready to enjoy a ball game, feast on barbecue grub or venture on a bike ride, focus on how to nurture the father-child bond from the start. Bishop gives new and expecting dads sage advice for being the best family man possible. There's even pointers on how to reconnect with mom.

By the way mom, for Father's Day gift ideas to entice pops to be the world's greatest dad, check out the In Season column, which includes crafts and DVDs selected for the occasion.

What about gifts for all of the baby showers on the calendar? While In Season spotlights a great read for such an affair, "Present Perfect" is devoted to gifting celebrants at showers and first birthdays. Written by Sandra Nyholm, the founder of an online mom and tot boutique, the article reveals recent trends, posh personalized treasures and even keepsakes for the new parents feted at showers. And to honor the milestone of a child turning 1, see what Nyholm proposes, from toys to encourage development to clothes that last well beyond the summer months. The article also spotlights safety concerns when choosing presents, something to keep in mind through all of children's ages and stages.

Happy celebrating. Enjoy the issue.

Jenna Hammond