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July 2012 Issue

Cover credit: Ann Ellerton Photography

Letter from the Editor

Travel Coverage

Fun for All
Making your vacation a kid-friendly jaunt.

Travel Directory
Day trips and family vacations with mass appeal.

Health & Fitness

Eating Crisis Averted
Enticing picky eaters to try new foods.

Ask the Dentist
How to have great oral care from the get-go.

Special Needs

Dealing with Bullies?
Ways to defend your child with special needs.

Special Needs and Health & Fitness Directory
Experts and services catering to family wellness and special needs.


Sneaky Science
Nurturing kids’ creativity with everyday objects.

What’s Lurking in the Water?
How to play it safe at the pool this summer.

Summer Reading
Learning to love books.

Angel or Devil Child?
Keeping your child’s behavior on an even keel.


Birthday Blowout Contest

Summer Fun Photo Contest


Taking a Turn for the Better
Tips to find happiness in your own life.

Feeling Good, Looking Good
Hot products to keep you and your home looking fabulous.


Don't Miss
This month's entertainment and activities.

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Insight and items for your family’s care.

Essential products and information for your clan.

In Season
Fun abounds on hot days and warm nights.


What's Happening
A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood's classes, performances and events.