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Letter from the Editor January 2015

Rachel Kalina

The start of this month marks my eighth year at PARENTGUIDE News. I've learned so much here since my early days as an assistant editor. Being part of PG has enabled me to interview intriguing celebrities, share my world travels in ink, meet tons of amazing writers and readers, continually learn about vital parenting topics, and engage in the nitty gritty of being a proud grammar geek. I've seen PARENTGUIDE News adapt and grow in ways I never would have imagined on my first day in 2007, and I hope to continue its legacy as an essential resource for thousands of families in 2015 and beyond.

While I'm cooking up exciting articles for your brood's well-being, I'd like to know: What's on your agenda for the new year? If the return to classes following holiday vacation has your family once again focused on academics, discover enriching schools and programs in our Education Directory. With it, you can pick and choose the best options to maximize your child's 2015. Find related hot topics in "Girls and STEM" by Andrea Beaty and "The Pros of Programs" by Ed Turney. The articles respectively discuss why it's especially important girls are taught to love subjects like science and math, as well as the myriad benefits of afterschool activities.

Additionally, learn about a hair-pulling disorder that could explain a family member's (or perhaps your own) behavior in "What is Trichotillomania?" by Dr. Francine Rosenberg. The article imparts how this condition affects millions of people and ways it may be treated.

For fun winter activities, turn to the Calendar of Events and participate in the Bundle of Joy Photo Contest. Plus, cozy up to www.parentguidenews.com for endless and relevant content, whether you want to know more about children's speech impairments or how to best prepare for a new baby's arrival. If you're also a fan of Pinterest, "follow" us at www.pinterest.com/parentguidenews/ to see the latest original PG articles that have gone viral.

Happy New Year!

Rachel Kalina