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Letter from the Editor January 2014

Rachel Kalina

The start of a new year brings goals and dreams to the forefront. Perhaps, in 2014, you hope to take your family to a destination you’ve always admired. Maybe you want to try a hobby that you can all enjoy together. How about daring yourself to conquer a fear? PARENTGUIDE News is thinking big, too: This year, we aim to offer even more cutting-edge articles, tons of wow-worthy prizes, and scores of essential resources.

Our plans are already well underway. For great articles, first tune in to “Plugged In” by Dr. Alice Wilder and discover how kids are using tech to enhance their learning experience. Whether you’ve already noticed your tot’s digital savvy, or you want to discover how teachers enrich academics with tablets and SMART Boards, you’ll find Dr. Wilder’s insight an asset.

With more than 125 articles on the subject at www.parentguidenews.com, it’s no surprise we consider special needs to be a top priority for coverage. In “Muscle Work,” Corey W. Stone, MS, OTR/L, delves into the world of constraint-induced movement therapy and its potential for helping children with neuromotor disorders.

While we’re talking resolutions, you may find you adhere better to your goals when using a less time-sensitive approach. Take a tip from Karen Young’s “New Year, New You,” in which she shares her experience of achieving a year’s worth of challenges broken into realistic portions and encourages you to do the same.

As far as prizes go, we’ve managed to pack as many as we could into this issue! Snag a chance to win one such item when you submit a cozy-looking pic of your child to the Bundle of Joy Photo Contest, or simply turn to our Travel, Health, In Season, and Womom columns for additional opportunities to win great giveaways!

Last but certainly not least, you’ll find vital resources in the Education Directory. All the schools and programs your child needs are right there at your fingertips.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the articles you’ve read, prizes you’ve won, and more on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/parentguidenews and in the comments section at The Sandbox Social blog, featuring exclusive stories by moms.

Happy New Year!

Rachel Kalina