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Letter from the Editor January 2013

Kayla Mossien

Two-thousand twelve gave us much to talk about— not the least of which was PARENTGUIDE’s 30th anniversary. Also this year, the country got up-close-and-personal with Honey Boo Boo (perhaps closer than we’d all have liked), re-elected a president, cheered for Olympians, and mourned and persevered in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

With the dawning of a new year comes the potential for new adventures, triumphs and discoveries. January offers a fresh start. Perhaps you’ll procrastinate less this year. Maybe you’ll instate a new family tradition. And maybe (fingers crossed!) you’ll shed those pesky extra pounds gained from holiday reveling. Whatever your resolution for 2013, I hope next year is filled with happiness, health and wealth for you and your family.

As wealth is often measured by academic success for children, you’ll want to check out the Winter Education Directory and “Homework Woes.” In the latter, author Joan Rooney’s expertise helps you to navigate the challenges of afterschool assignments and ultimately boost your child’s grades. Discover how to manage frustrations, recognize when you’re overstepping your bounds and offering a bit too much assistance, and initiate a routine that works for both you and your young scholar.

Another hot-button issue during the school year is extracurricular activities. These activities often include sports. Stanley A. Herring, M.D., outlines clear cut ways to keep kids safe during sports in “Taking the Field.” Get coached on sports-related injuries and ways to educate kids about recognizing signs and symptoms of concussions.

For first-time parents, editor-at-large and new momma Jenna Hammond penned “Surviving the Early Days.” The feature offers insight to get you through the awe-inspiring albeit touch-and-go time. Hammond covers childbirth recovery, cramping, breastfeeding and sleep deprivation in a candid yet comforting style.

No matter where you find yourself on this journey called parenthood, find solace in knowing that we are here to guide you through next year and beyond. Stop by parentguidenews.com for even more resources and articles by age category for your child-rearing needs.

We look forward to starting the new year with you. As always, stay happy and healthy.

Kayla Mossien