Letter from the Editor February 2013

Kayla Mossien

Over the past few months, the nation has faced much devastation— a storm that left many homeless and a school shooting that left many in mourning. During times of such grief, it is important to take solace in the glimmer of hope that shines through, as neighbors and strangers reach out to help each other. In this resilience we can seek out light in the darkness. Further, events of this magnitude may provide perspective on what matters most: the people we love.

In that spirit, let’s work on spreading love more than ever this month. Do so by reaching out to neighbors, family and friends. After all— apart from candy hearts, love notes and chocolates— isn’t that what February is all about?

While thinking about the “L” word, I realized the many varied ways that people can experience love. There’s the love of people, places, hobbies and even food— hello, chocolate cake! But no matter how you slice it, love is all around us. And it comes in all forms. One couple tells its story of unconventional romance and parenting in “Raised by Two Mommies.” Associate editor Samantha Chan reports on the same-sex couple’s struggle to become mothers in an ever-evolving world. Flip to the title to learn about the journey and how the women share their love.

No matter what your sexual orientation or family dynamic may be, one thing remains true: Raising kids is an anxiety-ridden business. One such stressor takes the form of feeding our growing kin. There are so many different schools of thought on childhood nutrition, often you have no idea whether the advice you’re following is correct. For the holy grail of food for thought, check out Dr. James Sears’s “Smart Eats.” The Emmy-nominated co-host of The Doctors counsels parents on what fare best fuels youngsters for academic success. A board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Sears explains how meal and snack choices affect memory, attention and school performance.

As you’re prepping your kid for academic success through diet, complement your efforts with “Adding Up to Greatness” by Robert Sun. The author discusses ways to boost students’ understanding of mathematics with three concepts: instant feedback, deep practice and flow. If you’re finding your tyke needs even more assistance, check out the wealth of enrichment and tutoring services available in our comprehensive School Directory.

For Valentine’s Day inspiration, our “In Season” column provides fresh ideas for new holiday traditions to strike up with family members, including themed crafts and recipes. And don’t miss out on your chance to win great prizes at parentguidenews.com by entering The Big Smooch Photo Contest and Facebook giveaways.

Happy hearts to all, always. Enjoy the issue.

Kayla Mossien