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Letter from the Editor December 2014

Rachel Kalina

December brings with it a happy, cozy warmth in the form of family- and friend-filled holiday celebrations. It may be brisk outside, but this month, I’m looking forward to gathering around the glow of a candle-lit menorah with loved ones, gift giving, and eating some delicious chocolate gelt and latkes. Are you decorating your house, or perhaps a tree, and looking forward to a month packed with seasonal festivities? Get into the spirit of it all with our winter wonderland of a December issue!

PARENTGUIDE News can even help you check off that long list you’ve been studying: Our Gift Guide offers great ideas for presents to share. Bonus: Win Gift Guide items when you sign up at the Contests & Giveaways page.

To entertain and inspire kids during the snowy season, enroll them in an exciting and enriching after-school program. Our Program Directory has everything from organized sports to dance, music, and performing arts options. Learn how to enhance these experiences by reading Louise Weadock’s “Making Friends,” which outlines six ways to encourage children to be social in their programs.

Following a full day of school and play, it’s important that your little ones get a good night’s rest. “Special Needs Sleep Tips” by Debbie Sasson provides suggestions that encourage a good bedtime routine for children with special needs in particular. “Surprising Allergy Anecdotes” by Dr. Susanne Bennett can also round out your family’s health habits by discussing what to know about common issues. And if you really want to delve deeper into the topics, there are more than 240 articles about health and fitness, as well as more than 130 on special needs.

Set aside time to browse in between seasonal events; with hundreds of parenting articles on our site, you’ll quickly find yourself hooked!

Happy holidays!

Rachel Kalina