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Letter from the Editor August 2014

Rachel Kalina

This letter is being constructed in my yard, where curious catbirds, cautious cardinals, and skittish wrens have been popping by to feed themselves and their young. Juvenile songbirds, sticking close to mama and papa bird, are trembling their wings as they beseech for food. They're still relying on their parents for support, toeing ("beaking?") the line between needy childhood and independence.

Back-to-school season emulates this same need to let go while also guide our young. Soon, your class shopping will be complete, and you'll be saying, "Bye!" at the busstop. Don't worry, though: When your offspring returns from a day of enrichment and learning to your door, she'll still need you to oversee the after-school routine. Maybe this involves trekking to a number of programs before settling down to complete homework, or maybe it includes cheering her on during the latest team sporting event. Whatever activities your family has upcoming, you can find your groove with Brooke Stone's scheduling tips for a well-balanced routine in "Back to School." Also find tons of choices for schools and programs in our Education Directory.

Additionally, moms and dads can lead the way to successful September styling with our fall fashion spread, "Smart & Stylish," by Associate Editor Samantha Chan. Samantha's hand-selected only the coolest clothing for your little learner.

Finally, you can help your child if she's experiencing the uncomfortable condition of wetting the bed at night. "Stop Bedwetting" by Jacob Sagie, Ph. D., addresses the wrong and right ways to approach the situation. With these tips, your entire family can get on track to a better sleep scenario.

We still have a few weeks of balmy warmth left, folks, so enjoy that sunshine while you can. Show off your most delicious summer treats in the Favorite Foods Photo Contest, catch up with the latest adventures at The Sandbox Social blog, and sound off at the PARENTGUIDE News Facebook page to get involved in great giveaways.

Have a wonderful August,

Rachel Kalina