Letter from the Editor August 2012

Kayla Mossien

From dogs days to school days, change is in the air as summer takes its final bow. From beach trips and block parties, to carpools and PTA meetings, this issue is chock-full of content to help you gear up for the transition.

As veterans of the back-to-school season may have their routine set, parents of first timers may be searching for advice. Providing guidance for the first day of school is “Kindergarten Countdown” by Jessica Baldis. The article provides a timeline format to ensure a smooth changeover for this rite of passage. Whether you have a month or a week to prepare, the feature lends useful suggestions, including, “Plan two shopping trips: one for a back-to-school wardrobe and the other for academic supplies.” Not sure how to tackle new ensembles? Flip to our annual fall fashion lineup “Threads Ahead.” Written by yours truly, the spread compiles the hottest trends for kids, tykes and babes.

Enhancing the school-related coverage is our highly coveted Education Directory, which is flush with leading schools, afterschool programs, enrichment and tutoring services, as well as special needs and parent-child resources.

For parents of much younger tots, the new venture of playdates may be on the horizon. If your babe is ready to enter this new social scene, be sure to read Kerry Luksic’s “Let’s Get Together.” The author informs caretakers on what to expect and how to prepare. Still not convinced your child is ready? The article helps you on that front, as well.

One subject on most parents’ minds year-round concerns sleep, or the lack thereof. If your sleeping beauty finds himself waking during the night or is having issues drifting off to la-la land, take a gander at “Counting Sheep” by Anatoly Belilovsky, M.D., an expert and one of America’s Top Pediatricians. The article covers the complex topic of bedtime disturbances, techniques to treat insomnia and products to help kids snooze more soundly.

Most importantly, keep your clan enjoying every ounce of seasonal bliss before the school bell rings. Head over to www.parentguidenews.com for great recipes, like “Honey Pork Tenderloin Kabobs” by Darla Shine, for your next BBQ. Not a grill master yet? No worries. John McLemore’s “Savory and Smoky” online in our Tip Lists section offers 20 cooking tips to make a mean summertime meal.

Enjoy the issue. And as always, stay happy and healthy!

Kayla Mossien