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Letter from the Editor August 2010

Jenna Hammond

It's inevitable. Seconds after getting back to the beach, it seems like the kids are heading back to school. You may welcome the return to routine that ensues with the end of summer, but the transition also means it's back to reality for the entire family, you included.

Fortunately there's another fabulous month to savor before carefree days and barbecues are replaced by carpools and homework hassles. And even then we'll ensure your family is prepared to embrace the start of the school year and all the amazing things your kids will accomplish after the school bell rings. But until then, let's focus on making the most out of August. The articles in this issue do just that, and provide great conversation starters for those lingering beach days on the calendar.

One subject on most parents' minds year-round concerns sleep, or the lack thereof. When a friend who faced arguably the worst bout of colic with her daughter told me that one book changed her life as a mom, I listened intently to learn why Bedtiming: The Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep at Just the Right Age (The Experiment) worked such magic. Not only did my friend's daughter have peaceful slumbers once her mom followed the wisdom in the book, mom began sleeping easier and was happier and healthier for it while she was reading the book - ironically, before going to bed. Even better, the book covers the developmental stages of children until age 4, offering insight for parents with newborns, infants and toddlers. Better yet, authors Isabela Granic, Ph.D., and Marc Lewis, Ph.D., have written an article schooling parents about sleep-training essentials in this issue. Flip to "Putting Sleep Problems to Bed" to shut the door on your family's shut-eye angst.

Now that nights will become smoother, where will your youngster be spending his days? "The Right Daycare or Preschool" helps you choose the ideal childcare situation. Peruse the sidebar to assess where your child will learn and grow come September. August offers an excellent month to go through the 13 points Michele Ranard, M.Ed., presents to confirm your child's days will be as peaceful as his nights. You can go a step further by browsing our Education Directory to discover the excellent schools and programs in your particular area.

And to keep your tot content throughout the months that follow, turn to "Looking Ahead to Autumn." Our annual fall fashion spread spotlights leading brands and hip looks for the playground set. Who knows? Maybe your kids will be dressing themselves in the clothes featured by the time the school year ends, which is another wonderful thing to anticipate as the seasons change.

Enjoy the issue.

Jenna Hammond