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Letter from the Editor April 2015

Rachel Kalina

In 2007, I moved to "the city" and started a quest I'll never forget. I came to PARENTGUIDE News as a somewhat-recent college graduate, eager to learn as much as I could about publishing a magazine. Eight years later, I know what it takes to make an issue work from start to finish and from first draft to distribution. I now know what it means to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into something of which you can be proud. It's with these thoughts in mind I pen my final editor's letter for PARENTGUIDE News as new adventures beckon.

And what about your upcoming adventures? Have you started to make summer plans for your family? Find help on your journey with "10 Camp Search Questions" by Jess Michaels. Discover the important points you'll want to learn when deciding on a particular program. For extra excitement, turn to the Camp Directory, which is full of day and sleepaway camp options, as well as summer programs. With these resources at your fingertips, your child is sure to spend the summer making wonderful memories and forming new friendships!

If your little one could use a boost on the social scene outside of the camp experience, check out "10 Tips for Play Dates" by Cara Koscinski. The article shares insightful tips to encourage social interactions among children with autism and their peers. Making and maintaining friendships mark important milestones in a child's life, and Koscinski's points can help your family with these essential skills.

Another milestone for some youngsters is the first time they use or outgrow a pacifier. Parents have long debated the use of soothers to placate outcries. "Pacifier Pros and Cons" by Luanne Bruneau outlines what you need to know no matter your current opinion. After reading the April articles and upping your parenting ante, you deserve to treat yourself for being the most informed mom or dad you can be. Enter to win the exciting prizes available now at www.parentguidenews.com and through the Messy Face Photo Contest. Plus, stop by The Sandbox Social blog to spark your travel bug and virtually join mom Merrie and family on their local trips this spring.

Now it's time to hand over PARENTGUIDE News to experienced editors Samantha Chan and Donald McDermott. Collectively, they have accumulated decades of time at the magazine, and they will continue to bring you the most cutting-edge and relevant parenting content out there.

Thank you for being a wonderful audience and trusting me with your precious time these past years.

All the best,

Rachel Kalina