Letter from the Editor April 2012

Kayla Mossien

Growing up, my favorite season was spring. As the days grew longer and weather became warmer, I knew blooming flora and delightful summer days were on the horizon. However, I also recall the not-so-fun seasonal chore of spring cleaning. My mother required my sister and I to organize, scrub and sweep our little hearts out. As a child, I never understood the value of clearing up the clutter. But my mom knew the importance of a germ-free home.

If you’re looking to suss out all the hotbeds of harmful bacteria hiding in your home this spring, flip to Dr. Benjamin Tanner’s article “Germs Be Gone.” The feature identifies ways to safely and effectively kill bacteria and reduce your family’s exposure to harmful elements. A former employee of the Clorox Company, Tanner provides practical ways to safely disinfect your sanctuary.

Also ensuring the health and well-being of you clan is our Special Needs and Health & Fitness Directory. Gain access to a wealth of leading parent-child resources and experts on topics ranging from Asperger’s and autism to physical development and nutrition. And for parents raising children with special needs, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” by Danna Leibensperger, Erica Pitman and Melissa Savage discusses how “...when learning that a child has special needs, men and women experience and cope with the situation in different and often incompatible ways.” The discrepancy in emotional response lends to the fact that couples raising kids with special needs experience higher divorce rates than those with typically developing kids. The authors provide the former with positive coping strategies to strengthen marital unions.

Looking to celebrate Earth Day and foster a love for the environment? Check out the article “Climate Change” by Dr. William Kirmes. The article guides you on how to discuss the hot topic of global warming with tykes. Kirmes believes that providing youngsters with information on the issue prepares them for the future. Remember, kids have the technology and resources to positively impact Mother Nature’s next chapter!

And when you’re ready to trek outdoors to commemorate the holiday, why not partake in a local beach cleanup, plant a tree or create a bird feeder? No matter how you choose to go green, we salute you for raising eco-friendly tots.

Until next month, stay healthy and happy!

Kayla Mossien