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Phyllis Harris Design's Dandelion Girl

This giveaway ended at 10AM on Monday, February 24.

'Dandelion Girl' is an original illustration by Phyllis Harris, award winning illustrator of over 30 Children's Books. Original illustration prints from phyllisharrisdesigns.com convey a message of joy, hope and childhood innocence. Each illustration is printed on museum quality fine art paper, with archival inks. (Frame and mat in image are for reference only.)

At the heart of Phyllis Harris Designs is the mission to give back to children in need; and children battling serious illnesses.  We are in partnership with Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, an award winning children's hospital treating over 500,000 children every year.  Phyllis Harris Designs gives back 5% of every sale to Children's Mercy to help in their fight to save children's lives.

Phyllis Harris Design's original and customizable illustration prints can be viewed at http://phyllisharrisdesigns.com/Home.html

This contest ended at 10AM on Monday, February 24.


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