Emmi-dent Starter Kit ($189 value)

This giveaway ended at 10AM on Sunday, September 08.

Emmi-dent is giving away one starter kit away and it is worth $189 --  includes a hand piece, charging station, two brush heads, and Emmi-dent Nano-bubble toothpaste. Ultrasound technology has long been used in dental offices to clean patient's teeth and remove tartar. However, Emmi-dent is the first to take this technology and embed it into a consumer operated oral hygiene system containing an integrated ultrasonic piezo chip. The ultrasound waves generated work in conjunction with Emmi-dent's proprietary Nano-Bubble toothpaste, which create billions of nano-bubbles that are 1000xs smaller than bacteria. As you use Emmi-dent, these nano-bubbles implode through the help of the ultrasound waves, destroying plaque, tartar, food particles and bacteria. The bottom line? Emmi-dent cleans where traditional toothbrushes and power brushes can't, all without any abrasiveness or damage to tooth enamel or gums.  Ortho and children brushheads are available along with all other Emmi-dent products at www.emmi-dent.com.

This contest ended at 10AM on Sunday, September 08.


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