Seton Day Care Center & Elizabeth Seton Preschool

Children from 2 months-6 years of age and their families feel at home at Seton Day Care Center & Pre-School. Established in 1972 by the New York Foundling as a community service program, this warm, personalized environment allows children to thrive as they engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences. Based on the Montessori approach, the program fosters individual expression through opportunities presented for creative exploration, problem-solving and a sense of community. Seton demonstrates quality child care by combining the comforting aspects of home life with a challenging learning program that is cultivated by a staff who is responsive to children’s emerging needs and interests. Rigorous standards for staffing, low staff-child ratios and a welcoming environment for parents are hallmarks of a program that serves to support children’s optimal growth and development. As an affiliate of The American Montessori Society and a member of ISAAGNY, Seton is used as a learning facility for students and intern Montessori teachers.

Listed in Manhattan Children's Schools and Childcare
Seton Day Care Center & Elizabeth Seton Preschool
245 E. 92nd St
New York, NY 10128