Kids at Art

Kids at Art, focuses on the basics of visual arts with age-appropriate projects for each group from 2+ years of age— painting, drawing, sculpture, mosaics, and much more. Classes are limited in size, giving each child more individualized attention. Birthday parties at Kids at Art are the most creative in format and fun! At Kids at Art, the process is just as important as the finished project. Kids at Art is also available for private art class for five to ten children one time or once a week. Summer 2015 at Kids at Art is going to be a blast! This year, choose from a full-day (9am-3pm) Mini Camp Workshop session, or a half-day (9am-noon) session for ages 4.5 and older.  Workshops are available by the day, half-day, or the week.  For the 2-4 year and the 5+ set, there is also a once per week class option this year. Please visit the website for all schedules and to register:  

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Kids at Art
1412 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10021


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