E.nopi Math, Reading and Writing

Enopi Math, Reading and Writing programs help children around the globe succeed in school to their best ability. Founded in 1976, the company uses colorful materials that incorporate the most current information about how children learn. Named for a Korean phrase that means "eye-level," Enopi was founded on the belief that children learn best when materials are presented at their level and from a perspective that makes sense to them. As children acquire new skills, their "eye-level" is always changing and growing. Enopi focuses on developing strong Math, Reading and Writing fundamentals as early as possible. That way, students are able to easily grasp new concepts as they are introduced. The layering process is essential for academic success. Jeff Matthews, Chief Homework Officer at Enopi, recommends showing a strong interest in your child's schoolwork. It is critical to encouraging academic success. "Spend a few minutes each day reviewing the materials your children bring home from school". "Show enthusiasm for your child's work. Point out comments from teachers, give compliments and ask how you can help." Matthews advises also "don't compare children to other kids and accept mistakes as part of the learning process. Enopi Math, Reading and Writing programs are available at more than 10,000 learning centers and home tutors worldwide. Check them out today at www.enopi.com and discover why "It's more than just learning."

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E.nopi Math, Reading and Writing
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