Womom September 2011

For the woman behind the mom.

Alanna Weissman

Sharing Her Story
Overwhelmed by her first child but feeling calmer by her second, Colorado mom Karen A. Jones wrote The Baby Memoirs: Responsibility Overload (CreateSpace). The tome aims to inform and support new moms and moms-to-be as they navigate the stressful trials of raising a newborn. To heed the motherly advice, pick up The Baby Memoirs at your favorite bookstore.

Social Network
Wish you had mommy friends in your area to reveal the ups and downs of raising your kids? Consider connecting with moms like you online. A Web site called MeridianMomtourage.com provides a support network, allowing new and experienced mothers alike to chat with experts and local parents, as well as to share photos, videos and insight. To utilize a wealth of resources and join the discussions that interest you, log onto www.meridianmomtourage.com.

Fast Food
For moms who simply don’t have enough time to devote to cooking, check out The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook (Chronicle). Inside are 400 quick, multi-meal recipes that require little more than a pressure cooker. Readers also get tips on selecting and safely using a pressure cooker. Get creative in the kitchen after visiting www.chroniclebooks.com.

Swiss Secret
Containing a flower that grows exclusively in the Swiss Alps, Dr. H. Bellin Scar & Stretch Mark Body Cream is comprised of ingredients that shrink scars and stretch marks, along with nourishing extras such as vitamin B. Formulated by celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr. Howard Bellin, the cream can be applied to the stomach, thighs and other areas prone to stretching during and after pregnancy. Shrink your stretch marks at

Beyond Basic
For the fit, fashionable mom, i am BEYOND’s line of high-quality workout gear is perfect for whatever activity you want to pursue. Whether you enjoy running, hiking, spinning, swimming or yoga, you’ll find the brand has an option for every exercise-related occasion. To celebrate your curves and enjoy an ideal fit, shop the line at www.iambeyond.com.

This column appeared in the September 2011 issue.