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Womom May 2013

For the woman behind the mom.

Melissa Marciano

Long-Lasting Coverage

Pur Minerals all-new 4 in 1 Liquid Wear Foundation means you no longer need to reapply makeup mid-day. The formula provides oil-free, lightweight coverage, leaving skin smooth and moisturized for up to 14 hours. Find the perfect shade at www.purminerals.com or ULTA locations.

Love the Way You Look

Whether youíre sunbathing at the beach (with protection, of course) or jogging at the gym, feel comfortable and fabulous with Always For Me. The stylish line of plus-size activewear, swimwear and much more is affordable, flattering and available in a variety of looks. Check out the collection at www.alwaysforme.com.

Perfect Fit

Itís important for breastfeeding moms to wear supportive and comfortable intimates. Amedaís New Nursing Bra and Camisole provides just that. The brandís nursing bras and camisoles are designed to fit and shape around a mothers changing body. Intended to make breastfeeding easier in public, the garment includes a drop cup with a release clasp. Further, microfiber fabrics prevent the growth of bacteria. For details, visit and www.ameda.com.

Morning Sickness Relief

An all-natural, drug-free and doctor-recommended way to relieve morning sickness is Preggie Pop Drops Plus. The lollipops and lozenges ease morning sickness and alleviate dry mouth symptoms. Drops Plus are now formulated with vitamin B6, giving mom an extra boost of energy during labor. Available at www.threelollies.com.

Skin Deep

Perform a spa-like facial treatment at home with Santaliaís Calming Mask. Itís made of all-natural minerals and Sandalwood extracts that provide a way to remove excess dirt and oils while clearing and smoothing skin. To lessen blemishes and reduce redness without over drying skin or using harmful, artificial ingredients, visit www.santaliashop.com.

This column appeared in the May 2013 issue.