Womom June 2014

For the woman behind the mom.

Samantha Chan

Ditch up to 1,500 regular Swiffer sheets for Bambooee Sweeps, disposable and absorbent pads ready to take on the toughest of messes. www.bambooee.com/sweeps.aspx

Made in Brooklyn and available nationwide, RealBeanz is a premium iced coffee drink amped up with vitamins and energy-infused herbs to help you perform at your best. www.realbeanz.com

Step up your natural beauty with Wink's all-natural lash and eyebrow enhancer. The hypoallergenic formula helps you to grow denser, longer, luxurious lashes, and brows without breaking the bank. www.winknaturalcosmetics.com

Stay safe in the sun with Kiss My Face's Continuous Sunscreen Spray SPF 30. The easy-to-use dispenser features an air propellant, so you're not only protecting delicate skin, but also the planet. www.kissmyface.com. Available at Whole Foods Market.

Get a thorough clean with the Dyson DC65. The revolutionary cleaning tool lets you tackle the various surfaces of your home with one efficient, upright vacuum. www.dyson.com/dc65

This column appeared in the June 2014 issue.