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Womom July 2013

For the woman behind the mom.

Kristan Morley

No More Frizz

Protect your summer curls from the humidity with Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse and the Moroccanoil XL Pro Paddle Brush. The argan oil-infused mousse helps create bouncy and smooth curls, free of the frizz. Use the brush after applying the mousse in your hair for effortless, natural-looking curls. Made with special bristles that massage the scalp, this brush is also great for everyday use. Bring your hair back to life and check out www.moroccanoil.com.

Eye Spy

Cailyn Cosmetics introduces the Line Fix Gel Eyeliner Pencil. This eyeliner is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin, and itís made from a pigmented mineral formula. It is void of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. The liner applies smoothly and comes in blue, green, purple, charcoal, chocolate, or black. To purchase the Line Fix Gel Eyeliner for your next night out, go to www.cailyncosmetics.com.

Sunless Tan

Get the perfect bronze glow without any harmful UV rays this summer using Bioglycolic Sunless Self-Tanner by Jan Marini Skin Research. This self-tanner uses amino acids to interact with your skinís proteins without dyes or coating. Reduce aging and sun damage while having a long-lasting, UV-free tan. Purchase the self-tanner at www.janmarini.com/us/.

Home Aroma

Join the long list of celebrity mothers, such as Debra Messing and Katie Holmes, who love Noodle & Boo, and remodel the scent of your home. The Noodle & Boo Room Spray and the Noodle & Boo Reed Diffuser are made holistically. Their sweet and elegant smells can be used in your nursery or in any room. Noodle & Booís signature Crème Douce fragrance is a blended mixture of peach, water blossoms, ripe berries, and clover honey. Sprays and diffusers are available at www.noodleandboo.com.

Salon Nails at Home

There is a new DIY nail gel system called Haute Polish for expecting mothers looking to stay away from toxins. Get the salon look with this formaldehyde- and solvent-free formula. Haute Polish offers a one-time application process with no need for a top or base coat. With the supplied LED set light, your nails will be dry in 30 seconds. Simply wipe them clean for a glossy finish. To learn more, visit www.hautepolish.com.

This column appeared in the July 2013 issue.