Womom July 2011

For the woman behind the mom.

Rachel Kalina

Green Nails
Maintain your environmentally conscious lifestyle and your mani-pedi regimen with eco-friendly nail polish by Suncoat Products. The brand’s water-based natural polish releases water vapor in lieu of chemical fumes when applied. The basically odor-free polish is made without formaldehyde, synthetic dyes or acetates. Learn more at www.suncoatproducts.com.

Kitchen Chic
Cook with style thanks to the birdkage collection. The company’s fashionable aprons are made from natural linen and cotton canvas. Available in a plethora of prints and colors, the aprons feature accoutrements like grommets and metal stud hardware. With such embellishment, birdkage frocks allow you to make a seamless transition from cooking to socializing when party hosting. Check out www.birdkagestyle.com for the full range of looks.

Tired Toe Relief
If you need a break from your heels in a pinch, keep a pair of Spare Soles in your purse. These foldable flip flops and flats are lightweight and compact, making them blissfully portable. The next time you’re in the middle of the dance floor or strolling down the street and starting to ache, whip out your Spare Soles for instant relief. Have a black-tie event in the near future? The new Diamond line offers satin ballet flats and jeweled flip flops for elegant appeal. Discover the comfy footwear at www.sparesoles.com.

Eye Love You
Your eyes are constantly working and they deserve the best in care. If spa and dermatologist appointments just don’t suit your budget or your schedule, you can still get a rested look thanks to L’BRI’s Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel. Relieve the tightness around your eyes and restore elasticity with this all-natural product. The gel also reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles with the help of stabilized aloe vera. Log onto www.lbri.com to grant your eyes a extra care.

Luscious Lashes
Help your lashes reach their full potential with Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum. Easy to apply, gentle on your skin and obtainable without a prescription, the potent potion promotes healthy eyelash growth. The serum also reinforces lashes with proteins, vitamins and moisturizers, and its ingredients are opthamologist tested. Find Envyderm at www.drugstore.com.

This column appeared in the July 2011 issue.