Womom February 2012

For the woman behind the mom.

Alanna Weissman

Good to Go
Protect your hair anywhere with the Pop.N.Go Scarf, a highly waterresistant scarf that goes from accessory to weatherprotective headgear in an instant. Available in several colors, styles and fabrics, Pop.N.Go scarves keep your hair dry and frizz-free in even the heaviest rain, wind and snow. View the collection at www.buypopngo.com.

Fragrance Freshener
When your fragrance wears off, replenish with the sen7 aroma atomizer. The handy device stores perfume in a container that easily fits in a pocket or purse and comes in a range of fashionable colors. Even better, the sen7 meets TSA standards for liquid carry-ons, meaning you’ll never have to worry about a glass perfume bottle breaking in your luggage again. Learn more at www.sen7-shop.com.

Pressure Points
The Spoonk Acupressure Massage Eco Mat provides a bevy of benefits, from back pain relief and increased blood circulation, to deeper sleep and simple relaxation. Sold in six colors and two eco-friendly fabrics, each mat has more than 6,000 plastic fixtures to get to work on your pressure points and help you relax. An added bonus: The mats come in a drawstring bag, letting you take comfort and relaxation anywhere. Check out the line and its benefits at www.spoonkspace.com.

Switch It Up
Get a complete jewelry collection for the price of a mid-line piece with Switch Gear. Each kit contains individual jewelry pieces in a totable plastic compartment, allowing you to make (for some kits) up to thousands of combinations of looks in an instant. The brand also has a colorful set for teens that’s great for Valentine’s gifts for young fashionistas. And all earring parts and necklace chains are made of sterling silver that’s safe for sensitive skin. Switch up your accessories at www.switchgearkit.com.

Something Old
For anyone who has ever cringed at the thought of throwing away broken but sentimental china or who simply keeps heirloom plates boxed up in storage, consider this alternative from the Broken Plate Pendant Company. Simply mail in whole pieces of china or broken shards to be turned into custom jewelry or upcycled housewares. Don’t have a plate? Choose one from the site’s extensive selection of ready-to-break china. Get cracking at www.ibreakplates.com.

This column appeared in the February 2012 issue.