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Womom August 2013

For the woman behind the mom.

Kristan Morley

Pre-Pregnancy Glow

Have you lost your pregnancy glow, but gained looming dark spots or patches on your face? There is a skin system from elure for new mothers hoping to gain their pre-baby complexion. The Advanced Skin Brightening System is hydroquinone free and the first scientifically proven enzymatic skin brightening treatment. The substance it uses is Melanozyme, a mushroom-derived enzyme. It is a fast and safe way to improve your skinís overall appearance after pregnancy. Learn more about the Facial Wash, Brightening Lotion, and Brightening Night Cream at www.elureskin.com/en.

Scars Be Gone

C-section scars can be treated at home with ScarAway C-Section Silicone Scar Sheets. This is an affordable treatment that is delicate to the entire scar area, and it is latex free. Silicone Scar Sheets are ultra-thin and help fade, diminish, and flatten unwanted C-section scars. Itís also safe to use this treatment as a nursing mother. Visit www.myscaraway.com to learn how to use the sheets. The product is available online and at local drugstores.

Empower your Fitness

If you are a fan of kettlebell workouts at your local gym or at home, EmpowerFitness has created a new 3-in-1 Kettlebell. It is perfect for saving space and helps turn beginners into experts. This compact weight-training design offers an adjustable approach that you can use at five, eight or twelve pounds. Help transform your body by burning calories and fat, and gaining muscle. To purchase the 3-in-1 Kettlebell, check out www.empowerfitness.com.

Goodbye Sun Damage

The biggest hit your skin takes is from the summer sun. Repair your skin with SESHAís new Clinical Repair/Protect Day Emulsion. By combining antioxidant complexes and marine enzymes this system helps prevent signs of aging while protecting from sun damage. It is an all-in-one lotion with SPF 30 protection. The Clinical Repair/Protect Day Emulsion is available at spas and online at www.seshaskin.com.

Neat and Organized

There is a new cloud-based Digital Filing System perfect for your home office. Neatís solutions for busy parents are NeatDesk and NeatReceipt. They offer an effective way to scan important documents and information to your computer. Organize the piles of paper in your house with this virtually hands-free system. Use Neat to help maintain your family budget, or tax information. Visit www.neat.com to learn more and view videos on how to use each of their products.

This column appeared in the August 2013 issue.