Womom April 2012

For the woman behind the mom.

Alanna Weissman

Maternity Boutique
Expectant mothers can find comfortable, flattering clothes to suit their changing physiques and personal styles at A Mother’s Boutique. The web site, which also offers nursing bras, teething jewelry and other mother-related products, has a wide selection of maternity clothing for every taste and occasion. Also browse harder-to-come-by pieces, such as plus sizes and maternity tights. Check it out at www.mothersboutique.com.

Easy Choice
Clear some of the clutter from your home by preventing it from gathering in the first place. Enter Catalog Choice, a nonprofit organization that lets you pick and choose which catalogs, phone books and other unsolicited mail you wish to receive (or not). Catalog Choice then does the footwork for you, opting in or out of selected mailing lists. Get organized at www.catalogchoice.org.

Simply Wonderful
Get a surgery-free butt lift at home with WunderTape. Affix the tape to the back of your upper thighs to lift your rear. Choose how much lift you want by customizing the tape’s placement while simultaneously smoothing cellulite. Discreet, comfortable and able to be worn for up to 12 hours, cosmetic surgeon-developed WunderTape is available in sizes 0-12 at www.wundertape.com.

Style Watch
Fans of yoga love the Krickette Yoga Bag. Inspired by India, the bag is woven in the country’s popular quilted kantha style and features a drawstring, adjustable strap and external zippered pocket. Add some exotic flair to your yoga routine by browsing the 11 cool colors at www.krickette.com.

Naturally Beautiful
Maintain a gorgeous mane with Jason’s Pure Natural Haircare line. There are eight varieties to treat problems specific to individual hair types. Be it frizz, limpness, thinning or something else entirely, a botanical-based solution is available to suit your hair’s needs. Keep your locks looking lovely at www.jason-natural.com.


This column appeared in the April 2012 issue.