Update October 2012

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Tasheena Carpenter

Organize It

Regain control of your kitchen cabinets with organizers by PRK Products. The Universal Baby Food Jar Organizer vertically stacks jars, adjusts to fit three stages of baby food and boasts a slight incline to automatically bring next jar forward. Or, store up to 12 bottles or sippy cups with the Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer, which comes with basket to hold accessories. Order at www.prkproductsinc.com.

Up and Away

Let your childís imagination soar with the application Where do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery. Available for the iPad and other tablet devices, the application allows kids to use their own photos to create an animated balloon movie with dialogue. Users blow on their device to inflate virtual balloons and swipe to twist them into fun shapes. Explore www.bit.ly/whball for details.

Kidís Melody

Music is a great source of enrichment for toddlers. The CD Music is Magical by Mommy Masters was created to help parents entertain and educate their children. It features sing-along songs that address milestones, including potty training, counting and the first day of school. Available at www.mommymasters.com.

Learning for Tykes

Promote reading at an early age with Oceanhouse Mediaís Smithsonian app series for children ages 3 and up. New features include professional narration and background audio. Individual words are highlighted as the story is read. Plus, words zoom up when pictures are touched. See more at www.oceanhousemedia.com.

Smooth Transition

Pura Stainless Steelís Kiki collection transitions along with your childís growth and development. With a swap of a nipple or spout, infant bottles convert into spill-proof sippy cups. Each bottle is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Pura bottles and sleeves are available in many vibrant colors at www. purastainless.com

Get Inspired

Kids become real life superheroes with Global Game Changers. The online community aims to inspire and teach kids the importance of doing good in their communities and the impact they can have on the world. Users create avatars, invite friends to join and earn charity badges for each philanthropic initiative. Become part of the team at www.theglobalgamechangers.com.

New Kidís Almanac

The World Almanac for Kids 2013 (Word Almanac) is a resourceful and entertaining edition of Americaís best-selling childrenís reference books. It features maps, Internet research tips, test-prep guides, 2012 Presidential election trivia and more. Get a copy at www.amazon.com.

Create a Chocolate Wonderland

Envision yourself as a shop owner with franchise opportunities from Chocolate Works. Locations delight shoppers as they choose from countless candy choices to fill their bags and chocolate molded items. What makes the company stand out is its unique three-tier chocolate experience. Tier I focuses on retail environment, allowing owners to make hundreds of items. Tier II develops corporate sales with the use of molded logos and delectable baskets for corporate America. Tier III provides opportunities to host birthdays and other special occasions, such as workshops, ladiesí nights and class trips. This three-tier business model gives owners a chance at great success. If you think you have what it takes to run a Chocolate Works and have the perfect location in mind, head to www.chocolateworksnyc.com or www.scarsdalechocolate.com or call (516)561-1570 for Franchise Disclosure Documents.

Stylish Bags

Order a custom lunch bag or backpack for your child at www.foreverfrogs.com. Cool patterns and bright colors are available with the option to add names. A portion of the proceeds benefit The Payton Wright Foundation, which raises funds for pediatric brain cancer research.

Inkless Pen

Turn your iPad into a note-taking tablet with the new APEN A5 Digital Pen from E FUN. Designed to look and feel like a writing utensil, the device performs tasks on an iPad that a finger or keyboard canít handle. Send handwritten messages, sketch photos, draw, and input complex math formulas and symbols. Also annotate existing electronic documents, such as photos and maps. Available at RadioShack and OfficeMax.

This column appeared in the October 2012 issue.