Update November 2013

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Jesse Berberich

The Classics Come Alive

Much of classic literature is rich with enjoyable content and lessons to teach students. However, it has gained a reputation for being intimidating, meaning all it has to offer is lost to learners. Now, Providence eLearning proudly brings together the latest in iPad technology and many of literature’s greatest works in an effort to engage students in a fun, memorable, and multi-sensory learning experience. Included are interactive glossaries and dictionaries, as well as narration from top scholars. Providence eLearning’s highly interactive iBooks ­— which include classics like Macbeth, Frankenstein, and the poetry of William Blake — are truly vital to students and educators. To learn more, visit www.providenceelearning.org.

Feel Better, Look Better

Not only is the new line of RibbedTee undershirts extremely comfortable, but it also bridges the gap between function and fashion! You will love RibbedTee’s thin, breathable fabric that is uniquely designed to never come untucked, bunch around the waistline, or lose its shape between washes. The shirts are great for dads or older boys and are available in a variety of styles and colors at www.ribbedtee.com.

Superheroic Fun

Kids marvel at the SuperMe Cape Backpack available now at www.supermehero.com! Sized to fit toddlers and kindergarteners, these sleek and stylish backpacks are lightweight, water resistant, and a lot of fun. Each SuperMe Cape Backpack helps little ones convert into their own superhero when they pull a cape out of a hidden pocket. It even comes with a mask to complete the uncanny transformation!

It Takes Würk

Featuring an endless amount of color combinations woven in nylon and polyester, the Würkin Stiffs Knotz line of cufflinks will surely add flare to any suit or French cuff shirt. Easy to put on, Knotz are a wonderful and innovative alternative to traditional cufflinks. With many styles, shapes, and designs, the make an intriguing yet inexpensive accessory for anyone looking to express true personality. They make great holiday gifts from kids to parents. For more information or to purchase, log onto www.wurkinstiffs.com.

War Children

In War Children: A Memoir, author Michael Tradowsky gives a vivid account of the destruction and hardships that one German family experienced during World War II. Through his memoir, Tradowsky hopes to reach out on behalf of all children and families who have experienced and been affected by war. He poses the question: What are the longterm effects of war on children? The book is available at Barnes & Noble and www.barnesandnoble.com.

Nautical Nonsense

Build-A-Bear Workshop is excited to introduce Make-Your-Own-SpongeBob! Every day can be an adventure with the sea-dwelling, optimistic sponge who is all about fun. You can find SpongeBob and all his friends from Patrick to Gary the Snail at Build-A-Bear Workshops across the nation. To find one near you, visit www.buildabear.com now!

Get Smart

It’s no surprise that parents are searching for ways to engage their kids outside of the ever-present word of social media. The solution is as simple as reinventing an old pastime for modern tastes. Available at www.dano2.com, the first ever “smart necklace,” iHeart Locket presents a stylish spin on the classic art of journaling. The locket turns the iPad into a special place for kids to safely share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without prying eyes. With its many uses, the iHeart Locket makes writing fun and builds on the writing skills and self-confidence kids need in order to succeed in school and life.

Entertaining Education

The Kids Learn Mandarin language learning app dismantles the wall between entertainment and education. This immersive and vividly animated title makes early language learning accessible and appealing. Educators believe that studying a second language at an early age is invaluable to a child’s lifelong learning. Mandarin, a language spoken by more than 1 billion people worldwide, is considered one of the most important languages by the U.S. State Department. Kids Learn Mandarin is available exclusively through the Fingerprint Network App for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Dealing with Bullies

According to statistics, one in four children in the United States is bullied at school. In The Story of Nastyman (Balboa Press), authors Kim and Joe Linder are determined to provide guidance for children in a world that is often full of negativity from their peers. This picture book covers important issues that children may face and teaches kids how to peacefully deal with negative situations. It aims to make them feel more confident in their interactions. This enlightening and useful book is available at www.storyofnastyman.com.

Feline Wisdom

Nineteenth-century French critic and historian Hippolyte Taine once said, “I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats in infinitely superior.” This notion is taken up by award-winning author Deb Snyder, Ph.D., in her new book for young children, The Dogma of Cats for Kids (AngelBaby Press), where she explores the major lessons to be learned from cats! In her book, Snyder encourages families to incorporate these lessons, such as kindness, forgiveness, and self-confidence, into their lives and look at life, love, and relationships in an entirely new way. A valuable read for kids of all ages, The Dogma of Cats for Kids is available at www.amazon.com.

This column appeared in the November 2013 issue.