Update March 2014

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Jordan Brueckner

Tommee Tippee presents the Colour My World line of bottles and the 360° sealer™ Diaper Disposal System. The Colour My World line of the Closer to Nature feeding bottles features an easy-latch-on nipple and an anti-colic valve, and the Diaper Disposal System seals diapers all the way around in antimicrobial film to lock in odor. www.babiesrus.com

Prevent the spread of radiation to your baby during pregnancy with the help of the Belly Blanket from Belly Armor, which creates a barrier between baby and radiation from laptops, iPads, and cell phones. www.bellyarmor.com

Mom and dad, if you need help relaxing at night, you'll love SleepPhones. These soft headbands have removable speakers that can comfortably play any type of music, white noise, or audio book while you sleep. www.sleepphones.com

Improve your babies' diaper experience with the high-quality, moisturizing blend of seed oils found in the Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers from BabyGanics. www.target.com

The Dohmie Bundle from Marpac can help moms and babies get much-needed rest. It includes a white noise machine, a story book, and the Sleep 101 guide. www.toysrus.com

Protect your Apple laptops and teach your children how to type with the new ProTouch Kids from iSkin. This skin features color-highlighted sections and easily overlays your keyboard, protecting it from spills, dirt, dust, and more. www.iskin.com

Aquaskin's new Aquapal bottles encourage your child to stay hydrated with their fun animal shapes. They can sip from a frog, monkey, pig, or elephant and then fold up the bottle for easy transport. www.kickstarter.com

Adorable Ulubulu Baby Bibs are made from 100-percent silicone and come in animal forms like hippos, tigers, sharks, and more. www.ulubulu.com

For all your parent-on-the-go needs, turn to the BUILT Baby Collection, which includes the Convertible Diaper Bag and the Baby Buddy: Essentials Caddy. The chic bag unzips into a built-in changing station, and the colorful caddy can hold bottles, toys, and other essentials. www.builtny.com

Dyson's DC50 is compact for easy storage, powerful on all types of floors, and highly maneuverable in even the most inconvenient of places. Keep your home spot free with help from Dyson. www.dyson.com

This column appeared in the March 2014 issue.