Update June 2013

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Melissa Marciano

Carried Away

The Sidekick Child Carrier Diaper Bag can hold all of the necessary items you need, including your child! Made with an easy-to-clean fabric, the carryall is designed to hold infants and toddlers as much as 35 pounds and is available in multiple colors. Sidekicks can be purchased at retail stores nationwide or at www.gogobabyz.com.

Music Magic

Eco-friendly and super sleek, the portable Etón Rukus Solar wireless speaker is powered by solar energy. Sure to be the life of your next backyard or picnic party, the speaker works via Bluetooth signals and can stream whatever tunes you choose. As a bonus, the Etón gives users the option to charge additional mobile devices. Get grooving and purchase the device at www.amazon.com.

Endless Fun

School’s out, and outdoor play is in. Coursing Around offers kids 15 different playtime courses, chalk, a ruler, and fitness facts— all to make for a spectacular day of fun in the sun. Kids can interact with friends and family while being creative, imaginative, and active. To order, log onto www.coursingaround.com.

Freshen Up

Hotter weather means more perspiration. The 100-percent, all-natural pHresh Deodorant for girls helps fight off odors and sweat without harmful toxins or artificial chemicals. The deodorant contains organic aloe to soothe skin and a powerful antimicrobial ingredient to combat odor-causing bacteria. To learn more or to purchase, visit www.phreshdeodorant.com.

Crafty Kids

Keep kids busy during their time off from school with Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids (Potter Craft). With more than 100 activities, the book enables readers ages 3-12 to design, draw, and build their own craft projects. The craft collection features a variety of projects from which to choose. Order it from www.amazon.com.

Light Protection

A perfect way to grab some shade at the beach is with the Quik Shades Go Canopy. This lightweight canopy is easy to carry with its multipurpose backpack case and simple setup. The cover allows users to enjoy the beach without too much sun exposure. Find details at www.quikshade.com.

Pool Gear

Make kids feel more independent with their own beach and pool totes. Made of fabric and mesh, Charming Kid’s Beach Totes are easy to clean and designed to go in the water and sand. Every tote contains a full set of sand toys, so your child is ready to dig into the beach right away. Choose from different designs and characters, such as sharks, pirates, mermaids, and turtles. To purchase, visit www.stephenjosephgifts.com.


Tired of running out of plastic baggies? The eo-ditty brand offers kids the perfect lunch totes, which are easy to wash and reuse. By using eco-ditty products, you can eliminate the usage of plastic bags that are harmful to the environment. Kids can personalize bags with name embroidery. To purchase, visit www.eco-ditty.com.

Father’s Day Surprise

What better what to celebrate all dad does than with a Mixbook? Mixbook allows you to customized Father’s Day cards and photo albums by adding special family memories that include dad’s nearest and dearest. Choose from an array of templates and upload your favorite photos and albums at www.mixbook.com.

Sandcastle Mania

One of the most essential items when you’re heading to the beach is a sand bucket. The Too-Cute Sand Bucket boasts cool sea creatures and comes with a shovel and rakes. Start your seaside creation when you order from www.stephenjosephgifts.com.

This column appeared in the June 2013 issue.