Update February 2014

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Jordan Brueckner

Charge It!

Are you tired of losing your charger among a mound of standard cables? CableKeeps from Nice by Design helps to organize the chargers of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. CableKeeps uses a unique design that allows a cable to attach to its device and also get securely wrapped without tangles! Never worry about confusing your charger again with CableKeeps, available at www.nicebydesign.com.

Upgrade your Memory

The Eye-Fi Mobi card has long been a valued product for parents who enjoy taking memorable photos because it easily transfers high-quality pictures directly from camera to phone. The wireless memory card has surpassed expectations and reached new heights with the introduction of the 32GB capacity Mobi. Capture and store double the amount of cherished memories! To purchase, visit www.eye.fi.

Baby Bath Time

Protect your baby's skin during bath time with the all-natural and organic skincare line from Baby Mantra. This exquisite skin care family comprises unique and safe products, including the Newborn Baby Shampoo & Body Wash; the 3-in-1 Baby Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body Wash; the Calming Massage Oil; and the Calming Lotion. Each product is certified to be free of gluten and toxins. Nourish your baby's skin with Baby Mantra, available at Walgreens and www.diapers.com.

It Gets Personal

Introducing Inchbug Orbit Labels, a line of mom-invented, customized, rubber labels that makes labeling kids' containers and drinks fun and easy. These labels are reusable and available in numerous colors. Their elastic design allows for use on containers ranging from baby to sports bottles. Pick up Inchbug Orbit Labels at www.inchbug.com.

Hey, Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants cards offer a fun and educational way to jump start your child's learning abilities. Combining fun facts with developmental games and activities, these colorful and humorous cards are packed with math challenges, tongue-twisters, mazes, and so much more! For more information on Smarty Pants cards, see www.kidsloveplay.com.

Keep Cozy

Busy moms of the world have a new helper with the six-in-one power of The Babee Covee. This convertible baby cover and blanket eradicates the need to buy and carry heavy, single-purpose items while protecting your baby from germs on the road. The Covee can be utilized as a car seat tent cover, a stroller cover and blanket, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, a nursing cover, and a playtime blanket. Get six gifts in one with The Babee Covee from www.babeecovee.com.

Zip and Go!

ZizzyBee Bags are the perfect gift for on-the-go neat freaks in your life. Compact, handy, and reusable, these bags help organize and store all daily essentials in a convenient, see-through compartment. Everything from make-up and sports gear to diapers and wipes can be carried and correlated in style! Fizzle out life's clutter with ZizzyBee Bags, available at www.zizzybeebags.com.

No Love Too Small

Wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine's Day with a customized, tiny love letter from Leafcutter Designs. The micro love letter is inscribed with your own words and can only be read with an included magnifying glass. Sealed in initialized wax, this personalized letter is sent to your loved one via custom mail. Show your loved ones it really is the small things in life that count by writing and sending a tiny love letter through www.leafcutterdesigns.com.

Pamper with Bamboo

Blanket your baby in cozy warmth with the Hooded Baby Towel from Bamboosa. Its mix of bamboo and recycled polyester helps to soak up moisture faster and feels softer than the standard cotton towel. This eco-friendly product is gentle on your little one and on the environment. Swaddle your baby with the Hooded Baby Towel, procurable at www.bamboosa.com.

This column appeared in the February 2014 issue.