Update August 2013

All the gear infants, tots, children and parents need.

Kristan Morley

Fan of Cool

Stay cool in any room this summer with Stadler Form fans. Each fan is designed with modern sophistication to impress with a variety of home decor. Stadler values functionality and state-of-the-art engineering as key components. The Otto, Charly, Charly Floor, Charly Little, and Charly Stand fans are all available for purchase at www.stadlerformusa.com.

You Time

If you’re looking for a motivational reminder of how much you do in one day with so little time, there is a new line of watches called Me O’Clock that hopes to inspire you. Created by Jamie Parker, a son of a single mother, Me O’Clock’s design is meant to empower whomever is wearing it. There are no numbers on it, and each watch simply reads “ME.” The collection is for men and women and can be purchased at www.meoclock.com.

European Co-Sleeper

Are you are interested in a co-sleeper for your baby that safely attaches to your bed? The Elm Baby Co-Sleeper is a bassinet that can be used as a crib during the day as well. The bassinet can be placed right next to where you sleep via a wooden attachment that is secured under your mattress. One side zips open, allowing the barrier between you and your baby to lie flat. It is available in a wide range of colors. View prices and details at www.elmbaby.com.

Breezy Beaches

When the wind picks up and the sand stirs, keep your family’s beach umbrella secure with the Noblo Umbrella Buddy. This mom-invented parasol has an ingenious but simple solution to the common problem of runaway gear: a bag that you can fill with sand to act as an anchor. Visit www.thenoblo.com to pick up this summertime essential.

Easy Trash

Keep your outdoor and indoor parties clean with Trash-Ease. The portable trash bag holder will attach to any flat surface, including picnic tables, bleachers, counters, or another stable surface. It’s perfect for outdoor sporting games, camping, or just having a get-together in your backyard. Use it for trash or recyclables. The Trash-Ease is available at www.trash-ease.com.

Comfort with Fashion

Stay on trend with the hippest babies in Hollywood with Doodle Pants. Recently seen on Jessica Simpson’s daughter, the innovate stretchy pants are perfect for fast-moving children. An elastic waist makes them comfortable for all sizes of kids. The affordable line features many fun designs and styles for both boys and girls. Doodle Pants are available at www.doodlepants.com.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Expand your children’s imaginations with the new book Where Do the Animals Go When It Rains? (Self-Publishing) by Janet Crown. This book discusses the effects climate change has on animals while helping your children learn about creatures from all around the world. The bedtime story aims to pique your children’s curiosities. Where Do the Animals Go When It Rains? is filled with fun and inviting illustrations, and it may be read to kids of all ages. Buy a copy from www.amazon.com.

Safety First

Introducing the Cozywoggle, a coat that is specially made to be worn by your children in their car seats. The invention keeps seatbelt harnesses tight for a safer ride. The Cozywoggle has the look of a coat with a wind- and water-resistant polyester outside, and it is lined with fleece for warmth and comfort. For more information check out www.cozywoggle.com.

Peace and Love

Issues such as war, natural disaster, global warming, and poverty are complicated topics to address with children. Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon (BalboaPressAU) by Robert Karl Hanson aims to answer the questions your children may have in a peaceful and realistic way. The main character, Bluey, bravely faces tough problems while inspiring peace on his home planet. Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon is available at Barnes and Noble stores, as well as at www.thebookdepository.com, and www.balboapress.com.

Eco-Friendly Scents

Delight your home with Gabriel John Candles, a new line of luxury candles. The eco-friendly, handmade candles feature GMO-free soy wax, cotton wicks, and pure essential oils. Add elegance and calm to your home with Gabriel John Candle’s unique scents. The Lake House, Secret Garden, Holiday, and NV Collections are available for purchase at www.gabrieljohncandles.com.

This column appeared in the August 2013 issue.