Travel July 2014

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Donald McDermott

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is the ideal companion for busy moms who can't take time out of their day to unfold the ironing board and wait for the iron to heat up to smooth wrinkles.

Lightweight, safe, and easy to use, the RideSafer offers a convenient way to transport your child (3 and older) without the use of a typical heavy car seat.

Enjoying daily activities get a little easier this summer with help from MyDrinky. The innovative juice box holder adjusts to hold everything from a tiny drink box to a large beverage.

Unlock your child's creativity this summer with a trip to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto. Explore the impressive displays, enjoy 4D cinemas, and take part in a variety of educational activities.

Developed by a physician for frequent travelers, NapAnywhere is a lightweight, comfortable, portable head support pillow that is effective for travel.

This column appeared in the July 2014 issue.