Travel Hitting the Road This Summer?

These cool new products will make traveling with the family a breeze!

Published June 19, 2018

1. Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger Jeep by Delta Children

Able to tackle the toughest trails, the Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger still has the little luxuries you expect from Jeep; the highest quality tech fabrics, air filled tires, reflective material for nighttime runs and a multi-position reclining seat with five-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads. Innovative materials, impressive value and cool features like the convenient fabric parent tray with covered phone storage and oversized detachable carryall parent organizer for all things baby adds up to create a groundbreaking jogging stroller that keeps you prepared for just about any occasion-no matter where the trail takes you and your little explorer. $199.99

2. Just My Color radian® rXT diono

Looking smart on the move is no mean feat and we all have our own sense of cool. So why travel incognito? Now your squad of little ones can choose their own new look when traveling around the state. The tried and tested rXT series seat comes with a beautifully tailored set of new seat cuts, trimmed and detailed in dynamic colors and customized detailing. $349.99

3. Cloth Napkins & Placemats Funkins

Funkins are 100% cotton, super soft, durable and washable napkins and placemats that fit perfectly into little laps or tables. Protect kids from unknown germs on dirty tables, all while reducing waste! Available in both single ply napkins 12x12 in size and double-ply placemats. 15x13 in size.

4. Safe-Listening Earphones ETY·Kids™

Stock earbuds supplied with many portable devices, and most headphones, allow environmental noise to compete with a device’s sound, causing users to increase volume. Listening at high volume over time significantly increases the risk for noise-induced hearing loss, which is cumulative and irreversible. Many parents understand the importance of limiting sound levels, but aren’t sure how to manage a child’s listening. One solution is to control the volume that earphones reproduce. ETY•Kids seal the ear canal, blocking out external noise, so sounds are heard clearly at lower playback levels. $44.95

5. BubbleBum

Whether taking a road trip or flying to a distant destination, car rentals, taxis and Uber/Lyft rides are a breeze with BubbleBum. BubbleBum is the original, inflatable car booster seat for kids 4-11 years of age. No need to lug a heavy, cumbersome booster everywhere! The easy-to-pack air cushioning of the BubbleBum seat keeps kids comfortable and safe on all car rides. $29.99

6. FastAsleep Full-Size Travel Playard Chicco

Expertly engineered to be travel-friendly and simplify everyday life with your newborn, the FastAsleep is both roomy and portable. With simple set-up and compact fold, you can use the FastAsleep in any setting – visiting family, hotel rooms, small apartments and more. $179.99

7. Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers Easy Baby Travelers

Before heading out of town, organize the items your baby or toddler will need for the day using Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers. When full, they are approximately the size of a half gallon of milk, measure 10"x6"x5" and hold at least a day's worth of supplies. Four Change Me, Dress Me, and Feed Me (regular and insulated) Travelers organize any bag into a diaper bag. Insulated Feed Me Traveler holds bottles, sippy cups or other perishables and includes a fastener handle to clip on to a stroller for immediate access.