Travel December 2013

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Jesse Berberich

Portable Power

Never lose power again thanks to the Magicstick from Powerocks! Designed small enough to fit in your pocket, the Magicstick will charge smart phones, tablets, and other devices when you’re out and nowhere near an outlet. The Magicstick is available now at!

Innovative Ink

Far from just an ordinary pen, the Inka Mobile Pen and Stylus from Nite Ize is a sleek and versatile pen that stands above the rest. Even in the most extreme conditions, like high altitudes and under water, this device writes smoothly and consistently! The Mobile Pen and Stylus is the ideal gift for the intrepid adventurer in your life. Find it at

It Comes in Handy

Unleash the potential of all your handheld devices with the HANDeBand Handgrip! Easy to attach to the back of smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers, this accessory not only aids in protecting electronics from damaging drops, but it also eliminates the need to actively grasp a device. Visit for a better digital experience.

Endless Adventures

Don’t let your kids stray from their educational track during the holiday break. The Adventures of Bella and Harry (Bella and Harry) book series by Lisa Manzione explores the history, customs, languages, and geography of the major cities of the world. With the series, available at, children learn all about the world’s most famous landmarks.

Snappy Dressing

If you plan on taking a family vacation to a warmer locale this holiday season, make sure your kids are not without Snapper Rock! This line of swimwear for kids blocks 98 percent of harmful sun rays. To see the entire line, visit

This column appeared in the December 2013 issue.