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Travel April 2013

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Melissa Marciano

Potty Solution

Offering a great way to protect your child from unwanted germs at rest stops and public bathrooms is the new Potette Plus. The training toilet seat eliminates your diaper bag load and lessens messy accidents with its disposable liners. Kiss those germs goodbye when you order from www.potette.com.

Eat, Tour, Love

Virginia Beach is great locale to visit. Enjoy the wildlife on hikes and walks under the stars on the boardwalk. Join in on the opening of La Doce Vita, a European wine bar cafe when you plan your adventure at www.virginiabeach.com.

Beautiful Babymoon

Nu Hotel Brooklyn in New York has a great package for expecting couples. Experience overnight accommodations, mocktails and a prenatal massage at the Equinox Spa. It’s a last-chance opportunity for expecting parents to spend time with each other before the new addition arrives. Find details at www.nuhotelbrooklyn.com.

Fun in the Sun

Plan an ideal getaway for your clan with a trip to Divi or Tamarijn, Aruba. Experience great dining, pool and beach games, as well as all-access delights. To book a stay at these locations, log onto www.diviaruba.com or www.tamarijnaruba.com.

Cozy Milk

While on the go, cold milk never satisfies a crying child. The answer to your parental prayers may be the WarmZe. The bottle warmer heats milk without using batteries, a microwave or the hassle of boiling water, making it perfect for travels. It’s eco-friendly and keeps milk or formula warm for up to 10 hours. Eliminate the crying breakouts by visiting www.warmze.com.

This column appeared in the April 2013 issue.