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In Season Gifts for Littles

Published November 28, 2017

1. CUBE enevu

The enevu CUBE is an amazing little multi-use light that shines brighter than you might expect from its size. The CUBE has three settings of brightness, as well as a setting that runs through every color in the rainbow and when you find one you like you can set that color. It also has an emergency flash setting. The CUBE has a hidden “hook” so it can be carried or hung upside down. It’s splash proof – which is always a nice feature when it comes to kids!


2. Interactive Powered Toothbrush Colgate

The new toothbrush makes oral hygiene more fun, teaching kids to be a better brusher with help from their favorite character’s voices. The toothbrush is available in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Minions theme and features:

  • Brush Coach - Characters coach your child through two minutes of brushing and congratulate them when finished
  • Quadrant Timer - Characters tell your child when to move to and brush each quadrant of their mouth (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)
  • 2 Minute Timer - Characters inform your child when 2 minutes of brushing is up and congratulate them on a job well done. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes.


3. Grillz Large Backpack ZIPIT

At school, around the city or on the go, ZIPIT Grillz Large Backpack is a cool and practical way to take along everything you need. The exterior pocket unzips to reveal shiny grillz, which, along with the eyes and hood, make this backpack a force to be reckoned with. ZIPIT Grillz Backpack is more than just good looks. It features a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.


4. People Blocks People Toy Co.

The People Blocks 31 piece set comes with the pieces and play mat you need to build your own People Blocks universe. It uses a unique patented magnet design so that building is fun for all ages.

  • 18 Months – People Blocks are perfectly crafted to fit in a child’s hand and allows them to stack easily with the power of magnets
  • 2 years – Children will develop beyond stacking to matching and pattern building as their imagination develops. Children will explore different angles, unique combinations, and asymmetrical designs.
  • 3 years – Children begin to make anything and everything they can think of and see in their everyday activities. The possibilities are as unlimited as their young imaginations.
  • 4+ years – With the power of magnets, your child’s creativity will be seen in their own unique designs.


5. Z-9 Camera Drone SwiftStream™

​This drone auto hovers and flies forward and backward, up and down, turns right and left, strafes right and left, and makes 360° flips. Built-in 0.3MP 640×480 pixel WIFI camera with real-time video that records up to 7 minutes of color video that can be streamed live from any smartphone!


6. Flip Flop Balance Bike Yuba

With a unique flippable frame, the Flip Flop can grow with the kids! Built to fit ages 1.5 all the way to 6 years old, the Flip Flop teaches kids to ride without needing clumsy training wheels. With a built-in cargo rack, the little ones will be able to mount special add-ons, like a rear basket, and take their prized possessions with them. $120


7. 3D Play Carpets IVI

IVI 3D Play Carpets are designed to stimulate and encourage play in a creative, entertaining and interactive way with room for friends and siblings to join in. The three-dimensional quality provides a beautiful tactile range of textures and loads of fun. Children of all ages can simply add their own toys and play!

IVI 3D Play Carpets have a variety of themes including flowers, sports, animals and more. The bestsellers are Mini City, Playhouse Pink, Traffic, Farm and Twin Houses. Toys not included. IVI rugs are hypo-allergenic, anti-static, stain resistant and made using non-toxic dyes and fabrics.
$$89.95 and up


8. Reindeer Boots EMU Australia

EMU's Littles range gets a festive makeover with the exclusive Christmas range. The Rudolph inspired Reindeer boots will add a spring in kids' step this holiday season.


9. PAW Patrol Alphabet Puzzles TCG Toys

PAW Patrol Alphabet Puzzles (in the U.S. available now at Toys’R’Us and Kmart.com) – Here’s a new set of easy-to-grip wooden blocks featuring Ryder™ and his pack of pups. The set includes 30 chunky blocks with four sides of play, enabling children to practice the alphabet, make object association, letter identification, sequencing and more as well as motor skill development, building, and more. Ages 3+ $19.99


10. Tin Can Robot 4M by Toysmith

4M’s best-selling robotic kit comes to life with googly eyes, articulated arms, and the ability to walk upright or ‘on all fours’. The Tin Can Robot teaches the basics of electrical wiring, battery power, and most of all, using items from your recycling bin. You supply one AA battery, a screwdriver and recycled can. Add your own creative touches to decorate the can for more personality. $16.99