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In Season Gifts for Her

Published November 28, 2017

1. GloLens

Selfie fans know that sometimes poor lighting gives a poor result—bummer! This must-have accessory boasts many features besides looking good. The illuminating lens captures pictures at a wide angle. The three light settings go from morning coffee to midnight sleepovers or dance parties. The smartphone attachment fits most tablets too. Each lens comes with a carrying case and USB charging cable. Choose rose gold, gold or silver. $22


2. Keds x Rifle Paper Co.

Synonymous with warm days and laid-back style, Keds has been making timeless canvas sneakers since 1916. Collaborating with Rifle Paper Co., this second collection—featuring six new statement styles—introduces exciting new silhouettes and charming details from metallic printing to floral embroidery.


3. Hair Curling Ties SoCal Curls

The SoCal Curls Hair Curling Tie is simple to use! You just heat the tie for 30 seconds in the microwave, tie over your hair, wrap and wear. You can achieve curls in as little as 30 minutes, or sleep in it to make your mornings a breeze! The best part? No damage to your hair! From beachy waves, to springing spirals, you can get lots of looks with the SoCal Curls Hair Curling Tie! Simply wrap larger sections of hair for the beachy waves, and smaller sections for tighter curls. Do you have long and thick hair? No problem, you can use two hair ties to get your curl on!


4. Feya Candle Co.

Beyond high quality ingredients, at Feya, it's not about how much your purchase costs, it's about how much your purchase DOES! Join the Feya Family of Change Makers with Candle & Soap lines that give back around the world. Every product from Feya Candle Co. gives back in a big way -- find out how you can be a part of the mission to change the world one candle at a time.


5. Natural Soap Bars Green Goo

This mother and daughter owned and run company produces a wide variety of soaps that are fundamentally different from other products on the market. Green Goo delivers super creamy, extra gentle, and long lasting bars. The nutrient-rich blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oils in Green Goo Natural Soap Bars treats your skin with the nourishment it deserves.


6. Glow On The Go Travel Collection LALICIOUS

The Glow on the Go Travel Collection includes TSA-approved sizes of cult faves, all in an adorable, purse-friendly white cosmetic bag. Available in all 7 fragrances. Glow on the Go Travel Collection includes: 2oz Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub, 2oz Shower Oil & Bubble Bath, 2oz Hydrating Body Butter, and 10ml The Oil. $48


7. Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Oojra

Each of the elegantly designed diffusers are built to inspire, refresh, and soothe with exotic aromas curated from traveling the world. Their use of premium essential oils, vegan soy wax, and environmentally friendly packaging ensures their footprint remains small and their quality high. $39.99


8. Fridge Gallery

With Fridge Gallery, your special cards, photos and other items can find a home in a neat, organized, magnetized holder that attaches to your refrigerator or any other magnetized surface. This ingenious holder does away with the sloppy look of multiple magnets slapped on to your fridge. Unlike other magnetic refrigerator display systems, you don’t have to remove Fridge Gallery to add or change your child’s latest school photos. Its 6-foldable panels with 5” tall pockets of clear PVC allow for no hassle insertion of different sized pictures or memos. Even larger items like artwork can be easily displayed with Fridge Gallery.


9. Moms Confess

It’s fun and affordable stocking stuffer! The game was created by a mom who wanted a way for women with kids to feel more connected to each other while also being able to laugh more and vent about their hectic lives. The game consists of 55 cards in a small deck of that easily fits in a purse. Some questions are multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, open response, or True or False. Each of the conversation starters range greatly – from hilarious to incredibly real.


10. Trendsend Evereve

A concept created by fashion hub, Evereve, Trendsend is the first-ever service curated specifically with busy moms in mind, making the process easier than ever. Simply till out a style profile and voila! Better yet? Only pay for what you keep and return the rest. 100% simplicity, zero pressure.


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